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St Albans Place, Cross Belgrave Street, Leeds, LS2 8JP
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Pool Table
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  • University of Leeds 0.6
  • Leeds Beckett University 0.3
Weetwood Ln, Weetwood, Leeds LS16 8HL
Pool Table
Bicycle Storage
Common Area
Study Room
Onsite Team
Games Room
  • University of Leeds 2.8 miles
  • Leeds Arts University 2.8 miles
Jackson House, 44 Merrion St, Leeds LS2 8FZ, U.K
Study Area
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Leeds English Language School

About Leeds English Language School

The school was started in 2001 by Bob and Mike with a vision to provide students with the best possible opportunity to learn English. Since then, the school has grown significantly but the strong values of being student focused and providing a personal touch have remained the same. 

The focus of this language school in Leeds is not to ambitiously expand their centers, but to provide quality education to its students. The staff of Leeds English Language School will give you their full attention, whether it is your independent learning plan or preparation for an exam. 

They offer intensive courses for both General English and IELTS preparation. Thir aim is to focus on individual learning and focus on students’ needs. There are also lots of trips and activities to help you really enjoy your time in Leeds and the UK too! They have been helping students reach their full potential for over 20 years. 

Not only students, Leeds English Language School takes extra care of their staff as well. Some of the staff members have been working with the school for over 10 years! It is very important to foster a good faculty because they are the one who ultimately will help students like you learn English. 

Facilities at Leeds English School

Common Room:This area can be used to meet friends and socialize with your peers. You can also use the common room to study after classes. 

Student Kitchen:The kitchen is accessible to all the students and is fitted with appliances like microwave, a fridge, and a toaster. Students are also provided with free coffee, tea, and sugar. 

Prayer Room:We provide a quiet room for students of all faiths to pray or meditate in. 

Self-Study:A member of the staff is available to offer guidance after class so that you can get the best from your studies. 

Reception:We are happy to help you! Full-time assistance is available in the office. 

Library:Practice your reading with a short story! We have a large selection of books for all English levels. 

Student Accommodation Near Leeds English Language School

Leeds has a lot of flexible student accommodation options available for people who wish to study at this language school. Some student accommodations in Leeds are specifically designed to meet the needs of students. These properties are provided by Uninist, which is one of the best accommodation partners in the industry. 

St. Albans Leeds: It is one of the most desired accommodation options among the students in Leeds. St. Albans Leeds is situated in a neighborhood surrounded by various convenient stores. You can travel to almost anywhere in the city as this location is well connected via public transport. It offers flexible student housing options, spanning from 2 to 52 weeks. Nearest bust stop is only 0.1 mile away. 

Oxley Residence: It is one of the finest student housing options in Leeds. Oxley Residence property is surrounded by various restaurants, cafes, and pubs, along with other entertainment centers. It is located in a serene and quiet neighborhood.

This property also offers flexible student rooms, ranging from 2 to 52 weeks. The nearest best stop is Lawnswood school which is only half a mile away. These properties are all provided by Uninist. It has a wide range of properties around top educational institutions the world over. Accommodation by Uninist are very safe and are connected to all important places with transportation network. 

Uninist can adjust itself to suit any student settlement needs. They provide both long-term and short-term student accommodation near Leeds English Language School. There are other value-added services that you can avail via Uninist. 


Uninsit has been working towards making student lives better for more than 18 years now. Working closely with international students made the company realize the importance of providing flexible student accommodation. International students need better tenancy options and that is what Uninist aims to do. It is a collaborative effort between University Living and Londonist. 

Uninist offers customized solutions to international students. It provides flexible terms of accommodation like choosing from a variety of lease terms. The biggest advantage of utilizing Uninist services is that you can even choose short-term student accommodation, depending on the duration of your course.   

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