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Aston St, Birmingham B4 7UJ, United Kingdom
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  • Aston University 0.6 Miles
  • Birmingham City University 0.7 Miles
Pebble Mill Studios, Pershore Rd, Birmingham B29 7ES, United Kingdom
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Student Accommodation near Hello English in Birmingham

About Hello English Language School

Established in 2010, The Hello English Language School in Birmingham is a personalised and professional English language school for students all across the world. This institute is run by highly qualified English teachers, Neil and Pauline. Specifically, the Hello English Language School is located in the beautiful Malvern Hills in Worcestershire, in the heart of England. Students enrolled here have distinct goals for learning English. These goals might be academic or cultural, varying on the individual. The institute offers highly qualified and experienced English teachers with an outstanding record of success. Whether you are looking for a full-time course or just want to clear any particular program, Hello Language School has got you covered with everything.

Key Features of the Hello English Language School

The Hello English Language School has endless key features to discuss. Whether you want to learn English for your work, get university admission, excel in any exam or just for your cultural appeals, the institute provides all kinds of courses. Some of the main highlights of the institute are:

  • Customized English courses according to your requirements.
  • The institute provides Homestays for those travelling from a different country/city.
  • Attend English classes from anywhere in the world, through the institute’s online courses.
  • Specially programmed E4P courses for professional needs in the fields of education, medicine, business, finance and law.
  • Individual tuition for those who want to attain specified skills in their respective fields.
  • Specified courses for Academic English seekers.
  • The institute provides Hello English Tests which are recognised as excellent qualifications all around the globe.

Accommodation near Hello English Language School

Talking about the student accommodation near Hello English Language School, you don’t need to look anywhere. The institute itself provides Homestays for students/learners who are new in Malvern Hills, Worcestershire. These homestays at the institute offer cultural and leisure attractions along with full immersion in English. Students can also choose to stay in the other neighbourhoods in the city near the Hello English Language School. Great Malvern is a beautiful area with stunning landscape views and offers a range of accommodation options to the students. Malvern Link is another residential area with loads of housing options and a variety of local amenities. Barnards Green neighbourhood has local parks, shops, and schools creating a friendly environment. Students willing to enrol in the Hello English Language Institute can consider this area as a decent option as it provides a wide range of housing facilities. Apart from these above mentioned areas, there are some student accommodations in Birmingham which specially cater to the needs of the students. These properties are:

Pebble Mill Residence Birmingham and Mary Sturge Residence Birmingham. These student-friendly properties offer exceptional amenities for the students and offer a homely atmosphere in a foreign land. 

Courses Offered by Hello English Language SchoolThe Hello English Language School offers an array of different courses for every individual. These general and conversational courses help you build your English language skills. Whether you are seeking the English language at your workplace, for university admission or just for conversational purposes, the institute offers something for everyone. Below are the mentioned courses provided by the Hello English Language School for the students/learners willing to learn the English Language. 

GEC and SPEAK-UP COURSE:This course is one of the best options for those who want to improve their English without taking any exams. This course offers structured programs from Elementary to Advanced level based on your needs. GEC covers the grammar, pronunciation and the use of English. While Speak-Up covers the courses to enhance your listening and speaking skills.

IELTS COURSE:This course is specifically designed for students who are willing to score good grades in the IELTS to progress in their careers to achieve success.

CAMBRIDGE EFL:Cambridge English Exams are the most recognized English qualification tests all around the globe. This course is particularly designed for students/learners who want to excel in the Cambridge English exam. This course covers the Cambridge First, Advanced and Proficiency levels of the exam

ACADEMIC COURSE:This course is designed to teach the academic English language that you need to study in the UK. This course will also help you to prepare for the Academic IELTS exam.

PROFESSIONAL COURSE:This course is typically for students/learners who want to take specific professional exams in various fields. These fields are education, business, medicine, finance, and law.

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