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St Albans Place, Cross Belgrave Street, Leeds, LS2 8JP
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Bike Store
Private Study Room
Spacious Hub
Table Tennis Table
Movie Room
Free Tea &amp;amp;amp; Coffee
Pool Table
Smart TV
Fridge Freezer
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  • University of Leeds 0.6
  • Leeds Beckett University 0.3
Weetwood Ln, Weetwood, Leeds LS16 8HL
Pool Table
Bicycle Storage
Common Area
Study Room
Onsite Team
Games Room
  • University of Leeds 2.8 miles
  • Leeds Arts University 2.8 miles
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University of Leeds

Situated in the first motorway city, the University of Leeds is located in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. The University of Leeds got its royal charter in 1904 by King Edward VII. The university is the fifth most populous university in the whole of the United Kingdom. The institute receives approximately 69,000 undergraduate applications annually, making it the eleventh-largest university in the UK.

The university focused on the fast-paced demands of the Victorian era. It gave full support to scientific studies via the Yorkshire College of Sciences. It also offered courses in modern literature later on.

Yorkshire College combined with the Leeds School of Medicine in 1884, and three years later Owens College Manchester and University College Liverpool also joined in. This culminated in the formation of federal Victoria University.

During the time of its inception there were only Oxford and Cambridge universities, which were predominantly for the Anglican aristocracy and gentry. So, the University of Leeds along with University College of London supported each other in challenging the exclusivity older institutions.

The University of Leeds houses around 14,000 students every year from all over the globe. It provides a lot of opportunities for the students as Leeds is the 2nd largest business center in the country after London. This renowned university no doubt stands apart from the other universities due to its intensive research and teaching facilities. The University of Leeds stands out at 75th place according to the QS World University Rankings 2024.

Student Accommodation in Leeds

International students can find a lot of favorable neighborhoods to reside in Leeds. Once you have your budget and preferences sorted you can select from the various neighborhoods available in Leeds. Some of them are:

Hyde Park is a common residential area located near the University of Leeds and boasts a vibrant student community. Woodhouse also offers student rooms near the University of Leeds and is well-connected via public transport.

In the affordable category, Burley is another neighborhood known for its mixed range of housing options and offers various local amenities such as parks, shops and restaurants for the students.

If you are comfortable commuting daily for your classes, you can either reside in Kirkstall or Headingley areas of Leeds. These neighborhoods are far from the University of Leeds but are well-connected via public transport within the city.

International students dreaming of studying at the University of Leeds will surely find Leeds City as one of the best cities in the UK. Students can find various types of student accommodations near the University of Leeds according to their needs.

The university provides on-campus housing options like dormitories and residence halls which come with other communal facilities. On the contrary, if students want to live in private student housing near the University of Leeds, there are plenty of options.

Some of the student-friendly properties in Leeds include St. Albans which comes with remarkable amenities such as games room, private study rooms and movie rooms. This particular housing facility also provides flexible contracts for the students so that they can comfortably choose short-term student accommodation in Leeds. Also, you can find different types of housing options like apartments with studio rooms, shared rooms and ensuite rooms in Leeds.

Why Uninist

To look for student accommodation in Leeds, you can start immediately when you receive your acceptance letter from the university. Prepare your budget, and financing options and most importantly be ready for the research.

The research part can be quite a bothersome task for you. So, chuck all your worries at Uninist. We use AI-driven tools and advanced technology to help you search for some of the best student apartments near the University of Leeds.

We offer the best student-friendly properties with exceptional amenities so that you can have all the necessities at your doorstep in a foreign land. Just ping our professionals at Uninist today and choose from the best housing facilities available in Leeds according to your preferences.

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