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Aston St, Birmingham B4 7UJ, United Kingdom
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Pebble Mill Studios, Pershore Rd, Birmingham B29 7ES, United Kingdom
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Lantern Languages School in Birmingham

About Lantern Languages School in Birmingham

The Lantern Languages Institute is a school for foreign languages based in Birmingham. The faculty is experienced and all the teachers have passed the Cambridge University-accredited course, CELTA. All the instructors have over three years of experience and are experts in providing you with customized courses.

The way of teaching at Lantern Languages School has been proven to be quick and effective for individuals from all walks of life. Businessmen, working professionals, and even students can rapidly improve their English.

Lantern Languages not only helps in improving language skills but also helps you gain the technology skills necessary to take the new IELTS Indicator test that was launched on the 22nd of April 2020.

Students enrolled here have distinct goals for learning English. These goals might be academic or cultural, varying on the individual. The institute offers highly qualified and experienced English teachers with an outstanding record of success. Whether you are looking for a full-time course or just looking to clear your IELTS exam, Lantern Languages School has got you covered.

Lantern Languages School in Birmingham provides a variety of courses for everyone. These general and conversational classes will enhance your fluency in English. It doesn’t matter if you need English for your workplace, university admission, or just for conversation, the institute has got it all. 


Some main courses offered by the institution include:

1. IELTS: 

At Lantern Languages, we have tailored our program to fit into your busy schedules. You do not have to give up on your professional or private time in order to prepare for an IELTS examination. 

2. General English: 

Your level of understanding of the language will be assessed when you start the course with us. Based on that textbooks will be given out and the designing of your course will be done. 

3. Business English: 

Choosing this lesson is going to help ensure that you do solid presentations and conduct meetings successfully. Our CELTA-certified teachers will help you master how to communicate clearly and effectively in the English language. 

4. Academic English: 

If you wish to study languages academically, consider taking this course, eventually, you will be able to write comprehensive reports and assignments after completing this course. 

Accommodation near Lantern Languages School

Talking about the student accommodation near Lantern Languages in Birmingham, you don’t need to worry about that. Students willing to enroll in the Lantern Institute can choose from a decent number of options. There are some student accommodations in Birmingham which specially cater to the needs of the students. These properties are Pebble Mill Residence and Mary Sturge Residence in Birmingham. These student-friendly properties in Birmingham offer exceptional amenities for the students and offer a homely atmosphere in a foreign land. 

1. Mary Sturge Birmingham

Mary Sturge Birmingham is located on Aston St and is a fully furnished property that would suit your every need as an international student. It is close to major educational centers and is well connected via transport lines as well

2. Pebble Mill Residence

The Pebble Mill is always a top choice for students. Its facilities and living conditions are appreciated by all. It offers cultural places where you can get entertained by your favorite music with your friends!Both these properties are provided by Uninist. It has numerous properties around top educational institutions around the globe. The accommodations provided by Uninist are ideal for students. They are safe, and connected to all the major places through the transportation network.Uninist is quite flexible when it comes to accommodating students. It offers not only long-term but also short-term student accommodation close to Lantern Languages School, depending on the type of course you have enrolled in.

Why Birmingham

Being a significant multinational center in the UK, there are many things to do in Birmingham, as well as institutions of learning and opportunities to seek growth and enjoyment. For anyone who wants to pursue further education, this is an ideal location.

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