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First Street, 13 Jack Rosenthal Street, Manchester, M15 4RB, United Kingdom
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  • University of Salford 2.7 Miles
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River Street Tower, 2 River Street, Manchester, M15 5GQ
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100 Blackfriars Road, Salford, Manchester, M3 7FU
Bicycle Storage
Common Area
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Student Accommodation near Britannia English Language School in Manchester

About Britannia English Language School

If you are looking for a well-established institute in Manchester for learning English, Britannia English Academy (BEA) should be your got to option. The class size is small, enabling teachers to focus on individual students. The maximum number of students in a class is only 10. 

The faculty has native English speakers that provide a friendly environment for the students. Learning English can be a great advantage for you. It can help you succeed in your exams, career, and social life. Our native English teachers inspire you to communicate in English to speed up the learning process. 

The communicative approach will help you to learn what to say and when to say precisely. BEA will help its students to adapt to living and studying in Manchester. Enjoy various social activities while achieving your goals. These activities include conversation club, sports, and weekend trips. 

Some of the Courses offered by BEA

  1. General English: This general English course is accredited by the British Council. You can improve your English for daily use and increase your knowledge about the language. Youn will get the chance to engage in debates to improve fluency. 
  2. Conversational Lessons: BEA provide students with a safe and supportive environment so that they can practice their English-speaking skills. The teacher usually comes up with a topic for the class guided discussion. Students are encouraged to contribute with their original ideas. 
  3. Cambridge FCE and CAE: The course is divided into four modules. The modules have interesting topics, after each topic the teacher will assess your progress and evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. The faculty will guide you and advise you on how to improve. 
  4. Cambridge Proficiency Certificate: To tackle this exam, you will need to learn high-level vocabulary and understanding of the language structure. You will be able to practice your English language proficiency level and even develop your exam skills. 
  5. IELTS Exam Preparation: Get introduced to IELTS exam structure and guidance on how to prepare for it. You will have to practice for all the four parts of the exam. By the end of the course, you will become a more competent user of the English language. 
  6. SELT Preparation: You need to clear this test if you want a UK Visa, British Citizenship or Leave to Remain. They will provide you with the skills, technique, vocabulary and language structures so that you can practice well and clear the exam. Students accepted in BEA are also offered accommodation facilities by the institution itself. Three types of accommodation that is provided are; homestays, shared apartments, and student residence. 

Living in Manchester

  1. Homestay: Experience the English lifestyle by living with a host family. It is a great way to improve your English and gain a second home in the process. You will be provided home cooked meals and have your own private bedroom. The rest of the house you will share with the host family. 
  2. Housing: Prices of the rooms depend on their size and the amenities provided. Bigger rooms with private bathrooms are more expensive than smaller rooms with shared bathrooms. The rooms are designed to make your stay homely and comfortable in Manchester. It is a nice blend of comfort and affordability. 
  3. Student Residence: Student housing provided by BEA has a free Wi-Fi connection along with basic amenities. A double bed with a wardrobe, a table, and a private bathroom is provided with the room. You can also choose standard rooms with shared bathrooms to cut down on rent. 

Manchester has a lot of other flexible student accommodation options available for people who wish to study at this language school. Some student accommodation in the city are specifically designed to meet the needs of students. These properties are provided by Uninist, which is one of the best accommodation partners in the industry. 


Uninisit has been working towards making student lives better for more than 18 years now. Working closely with international students made the company realize the importance of providing flexible student accommodation. International students need better tenancy options and that is what Uninist aims to do. It is a collaborative effort between University Living and Londonist. 

Uninist offers customized solutions to international students. It provides flexible terms of accommodation like choosing from a variety of lease terms. The biggest advantage of utilizing Uninist services is that you can even choose short-term student accommodation, depending on the duration of your course. 

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