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Lead Mill Point, 26 Leadmill Rd, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 4SD, United Kingdom
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  • Sheffield Hallam University 0.6 miles
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Student Accommodation near The University of Sheffield ELTC

About The University of Sheffield ELTC

The University of Sheffield developed from three local institutions. The School of Medicine was one of them and it was founded in 1882. The other two institutions are Firth College and the Sheffield Technical School.

The university was founded in 1905 and at the time only 114 students were enrolled in it. By 1995 the university fully integrated with Sheffield and North Trent College of Nursing and Midwifery. Over the years more courses and facilities were added by the university. The university expanded with many new buildings coming up.

English Language Teaching Center (ELTC)

As part of the University of Sheffield, the English Language Teaching Center (ELTC) is one of the largest language centers in the UK. The British Council, along with BALEAP has accredited many of its courses. This means that the ELTC meets the required standards set by the British Council.

British Council assesses standards of management, resources and premises, teaching, and welfare. Based on the findings, they concluded that ELTC meets the overall criteria in each area inspected.

ELTC has a staff of more than 100 teachers and 20 administrators. Using their resources, this language school in Sheffield teaches and supports thousands of students every year. These students enroll in general, pre-sessions, or in-sessional programs.

The teachers at ELTC are quite experienced in mentoring international students. Students have the flexibility of attending classes at a wide range of locations in both and overseas.


ELTC language school has designed its curriculum keeping in mind what learners like yourself can benefit from the most. This has happened because of its years of experience and desire to change with the times. This language school in Sheffield is committed to helping you reach your goals, while also providing an enjoyable learning environment.

Other services by ELTC

Apart from providing you with top-class education and an experienced faculty, ELTC also helps students find accommodations. Three types of accommodation provided by ELCT are:

1. Family Home Stay Accommodation:

The host families that ELTC works with understand that cultural differences exist and respect them. These families are loving and will treat you as a member of their own family. You will be supported in any way possible while you stay with a host family in Sheffield.

2. Student Residents Accommodation:

There are newly constructed student residents around Sheffield for accommodation. These properties are perfect for international students. They include internet and other services as well as kitchen facilities and a living room that you will share with other students.

3. Private Rented Accommodation:

The sudden influx of students in Sheffield has given rise to private student accommodation. These properties can be found all around the city, especially in the city center. The prices vary from place to place but you can share the cost of these apartments with your fellow students.

Courses offered by ELTC

Full-time EnglishPart-time EnglishTeacher TrainingLanguage SupportEnglish Testing

Student Accommodation Near ELTC

Sheffield has a lot of student accommodation options available for people who wish to study at ELTC. Some student accommodations in Sheffield are specifically designed to meet the specific needs of students. One of them is:

Leadmill Point Sheffield:

Situated in a lively neighborhood, Leadmill Point offers amenities such as pool and table football tables, a TV, and leisure areas. It is very well connected via Sheffield’s efficient public transport system. In addition to all these benefits, it also offers flexible accommodation ranging from 2 to 52 weeks.

These properties are all provided by Uninist. It has a wide range of properties around top educational institutions the world over. Accommodations by Uninist, which are very safe and are connected to all important places with transportation network.

Uninist can adjust itself to suit any student settlement needs. They provide both long-term and short-term student accommodation near the ELTC. There are other value-added services that you can avail via Uninist.

Why Sheffield?

Sheffield has been voted the UK’s third-best city for students. Most of the major educational institutions are situated in the middle of the city and not some out-of-town locations. This puts the students right at the heart of the city and gives them a chance to experience life in Sheffield.

The city has also been recognized as the foodie capital of the UK. Various restaurants are serving international cuisines and interesting food items. You can eat to your heart’s content even on a student’s budget.

Sheffield is a very student-friendly city. With campuses all over the city, you will have no trouble finding people of your age group to hang out with. Studying abroad will further improve your English language skills and open up opportunities on an international level.

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