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Aston St, Birmingham B4 7UJ, United Kingdom
Fridge and Freezer
Ventilation System
  • University of Birmingham 0.9 Miles
  • Aston University 0.6 Miles
  • Birmingham City University 0.7 Miles
Pebble Mill Studios, Pershore Rd, Birmingham B29 7ES, United Kingdom
Fridge and Freezer
Table Tennis
Pool Table
Free Weekday Breakfast
Mahjong Table
Bicycle Storage
Common Area
  • University of Birmingham 0.9 Miles
  • Aston University 0.9 Miles
  • University College Birmingham 3.2 Miles
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Birmingham Newman University

Newman University, Birmingham is situated in Bartley Green suburb of Birmingham, England. It was founded as Newman College of Higher Education in 1968. The university used to be Newman University College from 2008 until 2013. It became a full university in 2013. Since then, it has been called Newman University. Now, it is known as Birmingham Newman University. It has a learning environment that is supportive, enabling you to interact with academic concepts and discuss fresh ideas. The school employs a student-centered curriculum so that you can become innovative thinkers who have the ability to change things for good.

Over 200 students are accommodated in the halls of residence. Modernization has been carried out to create a pleasant and contemporary studying environment for students. Over £20 million has been spent on many things. These include a new entrance and a library. The Newman is popular, with about 2,700 students from diverse backgrounds. The administration at Newman University believes that higher education should be about enabling students to understand the world differently.

Newman University has a friendly student community with small classes. This means teachers can give every individual student care and attention. You will have all you need to learn here at the campus in Bartley Green. The Birmingham City Centre is just a short drive away when needed. Its location gives it views of Bartley reservoir and Worcestershire countryside as well as being conveniently situated near both M5 and M42 motorways.

The process of moving to Birmingham, finding accommodation and such other things can be too much for you to handle. Fortunately, we have what you need.

Different Types of Student Accommodations in Birmingham

All of the accommodation properties are located near Newman University so it's easy for you to get to classes on time. You can choose the type of occupancy you desire while studying at the University. Purpose based student apartments near Newman University are a great option that is available for flexible student housing. These student accommodations offer tenure that can range from 2-52 weeks.

They have the facilities to make it easy and simplify your stay for the duration of the course. These student accommodations near Newman University have been designed to meet the student’s needs and requirements. They are also in good locations where you have access to markets, restaurants, bars, shops, etc. You can find a home based on your desired different lease lengths, room configurations and payment plans.

Looking Specifically for short-term student housing?

Uninist is your go to accommodation partner where flexibility meets affordable student housing. You have multiple tenancy options to choose from, and a variety of lease terms, ranging from short-term to long-term options. If you are seeking one, then start your search today and book your accommodation right away!

Properties Offered by Uninist in Birmingham

1. Mary Sturge BirminghamMary Sturge Birmingham is located on Aston St and is a fully furnished property that would suit your every need as an international student. It is close to major educational centers and is well connected via transport lines as well. 

2. Pebble Mill ResidenceThe Pebble Mill is always a top choice for students. Its facilities and living conditions are appreciated by all. It offers cultural places where you can get entertained by your favorite music with your friends! 

Uninist is quite flexible when it comes to accommodating students. It offers not only long-term but also short-term student accommodation, depending on the type of course you have enrolled in. 


Uninist has been working towards making student lives better for more than 18 years now. Working closely with international students made the company realize the importance of providing flexible student accommodation. International students need better tenancy options and that is what Uninist aims to do. It is a collaborative effort between University Living and Londonist.

Uninist offers customized solutions to international students. It provides flexible terms of accommodation like choosing from a variety of lease terms. The biggest advantage of utilizing Uninist services is that you can even choose short-term student housing, depending on the duration of your course.

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